IT Services & Support


On Site Service and Support

Q&A provides complete on-site service and support services to maintain your systems in prime operating condition. With over 26 years’ experience in computer service and support, we can provide the timely, quality service your systems require. We provide complete support for of your hardware systems, operating systems, and software. We provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service including weekends and holidays.

Remote Support

Using remote access tools, e-mail, and telephone support, we can provide a certain level of support to our clients without the expense of an on-site visit. Although not all issues can be resolved remotely, it does provide a viable alternative for a faster, lower cost solution to many problems.

Service Contracts

Using service contracts, Q&A provides continuing support to our clients. Contract clients enjoy regular scheduled visits, reduced rates, and reduced response times to service and emergency calls. Regular visits allow our technicians to detect and correct problems before they can become problems.

Real-time Monitoring

Using advanced software and devices, Q&A provides our clients with the option to have their complete operation monitored 24/7 year round. Monitoring allows Q&A to be more proactive in supporting of our clients and therefore reduces down time in mission-critical operations such as our many health care providers.


Technology Transfer


Q&A brings together years of management and technology consulting experience to help clients achieve best practice levels of technology use and develop long-term strategies for technology initiatives.

We’ve assisted government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and businesses throughout the United States and its territories in assessing and improving their technology infrastructure and building client ownership of implemented solutions. With our expertise in the broad areas of strategy, training, engineering, program management, information technology, and systems development, Q&A understands the competitive factors that can trigger or inhibit the adoption of candidate technologies.

We provide a full range of services tailored to help organizations succeed with the replacement of and migration to new information systems, as well as to address assured access, financial planning, and dual-use considerations.

Services Include:

  • Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Dual-Use Technology Analysis
  • Implementation Planning
  • Business Process Redesign
  • System Rollout Support
  • Program Management Support