Enterprise Resource Management


With experience in helping organizations large and small identify priorities and set new goals, Q&A understands that Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) presents more than a technical challenge.

We help public and private organizations successfully link their information systems, applying our knowledge of organizations across the spectrum.

Our client-specific experience helps organizations balance their functional needs with the technical capabilities of cutting-edge ERM systems. Our professionals provide expertise in scoping enterprise resource planning and information technology projects, developing and implementing change-management principles, and recognizing the risk of under and/or over customization of enterprise resource management systems.

Services Include:

  • Complete HIPPA & SOX Compliance
  • Requirement analysis
  • Life-cycle cost estimates
  • Implementation strategies
  • Validation and verification support


Telecom and Network Services


Q&A’s knowledge of domestic communication companies allows us to provide comprehensive telecommunications and network solutions, operations, system design, engineering, acquisition, and implementation.

Services include:

  • Growth strategy
  • Asset strategy and management
  • Performance improvement
  • Technology management
  • Planning, design, and engineering
  • Acquisition support
  • Network modeling and design
  • Network optimization
  • Network integration and implementation
  • LAN/WAN/Wireless design and engineering
  • Security and reliability assurance