IT Architecture and Design


The technical capabilities of our IT professionals are recognized throughout the United States via our relationships and history with national hardware and software manufacturers and our clients. Across a wide range of industries, Q&A has made the mission of “our clients is our mission,” and we apply this in-depth understanding of client-specific objectives, resources, and constraints to build business systems ideally suited to support mission requirements.
Our professionals specialize in IT architecture and design solutions that strategically plan client architectures to be more competitive in the marketplace and to safeguard information and communications. Q&A provides the entire range of technical and management skills to support multi-level security systems and secure workstations, as well as Internet-based solutions designed to support global implementation.

Services Include:

  • Baseline Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis
  • IT Investment Management Training
  • Operational Enhancement
  • Client-Server Architectures/Open Systems
  • Multilevel Security Systems
  • Web-Based Architectures

IT Transformation and Strategy

Why companies succeed or fail to realize optimum benefits often hinges on Information Technology.

Q&A’s IT Strategy and Transformation service offering is a comprehensive program and set of tools that brings the IT services to world-class levels of performance.

IT Strategy and Transformation extends its services to span the extended enterprise of technology. It seeks to e-Engineer organizations and create true knowledge workers, as it creates seamless data across the organization.

The management issues addressed by IT Transformation are the increased complexity of accessing digital assets, security vulnerabilities, immature technology markets, deficient IT capabilities, hidden costs of investing in or measuring the value of new technology, and the inability to implement e-Strategies.

IT plays a core role in a business’s strategic initiatives, including e-Business strategy, e-Business solutions, business process reconciliation, and merger integration. Meanwhile, these strategies retain IT’s flexibility to shift as e-Strategies mature.